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Our Curriculum

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Our preschool, Prekindrgarten/VPK students are provided with an environment where they can search out opportunities and challenges, take risks and strive to be lifelong learners.

We believe that the natural curiosity of youngsters needs to be nurtured from an early age. With that in mind, a core curriculum of language, math, sciences, visual and performing arts, physical education, computer technology and foreign language is integrated into the child’s play and rest periods. “The hurried child syndrome” is not manifested in our program as we do not advocate “pushing” children through the curriculum. In all areas of the curriculum, teachers utilize hands-on approaches in instruction. Through authentic assessment, children’s strengths, needs and progress are continuously monitored. Monthly theme units constitute the core of the integrated curriculum of language, fine motor/art, socialization, self- help perception, gross motor, pre-math, science, sensory experiences, music, dramatic play and children’s literature. Skills in visual and auditory recognition, sequencing and memory are introduced and expanded according to individual needs and ability. Introduction to Spanish, Sign Language, creative dance and technology are an added enrichment to the early childhood experience.

Twaddler Team - Children One to Two Years

This classroom is geared for children One to Two years of age. Our classroom and programs are designed to promote various sensory and cognitive skills. The world is opened up by engaging in the use of all five senses. Through the use of multisensory techniques and language, cognitive and motor skills grow by leaps and bounds! Songs, dance, poetry and tactile experiences help develop gait, hand/eye coordination and creative abilities.

Little Learners - Two to Three Years

The transition from twaddler to toddler is an exciting time! This class is designed specifically for children Two to Three years of age. The program facilitates exploration and connection to the world around them. We provide the framework to enhance language, motor skills, socialization and independence. By webbing thematic units, our professional teaching staff will engage each child in language, pre-math, hands-on science, fine and gross motor skills, socializing and creativity.

Preschool - Three to Four Years

Get ready for preschool! This class focuses on children that are Three to Four years of age. Based on a system of developmental progression, the preschool teacher can anticipate and facilitate emerging skills specifically geared for the preschool child. The goals of our program are:

Pre-Kindergarten - Four to Five Years

This program, for the child Four to Five years of age, is geared to develop each student’s highest level of expression, talent and productivity in a cooperative setting. Program goals include the following:


VPK are beginning the journey of a "life learner". Wrap-around program available. Please contact the school for current fees.

The program's benchmarks include: